IGNOU BAHDH Solved Assignment 2021-22

IGNOU BAHDH Solved Assignment 2021-22

Textbooks and Study Materials
Though both seem similar and people are Confused Between the two, Study Materials are
actually very different than the textbooks. The textbook is something written, edited, and
approved by the agencies and is the same in every school or at least many schools, whereas
study materials are prepared by the schools or the institutions. They don’t need approval
from any agency but the school management.
Technically study materials are more simplified, broken, and elaborated through activities,
questions, references, and even video lectures. They can be many in numbers, unlike
How to study material existed
There is no proper record of history as to how they came into existence. This teaching aid
started with innovation in the field of teaching and learning. Since books needed to be
simplified at different levels, the scholars tried making them simpler for students. This
resulted in supplements that were easy to study and learn. Gradually schools and
institutions started preparing their own simpler version of books. They included some
solved and some unsolved question papers, a few activities, and examples in the chapter.

This whole process took more than 3 decades and is now a prominent means of teaching
and learning. Video lectures were added to this series later.

Why Study material
Now the question arises why does one need study material Over a teacher? The answer is no
one needs them over a teacher, one needs study material along with a teacher. And the
reason is very simple and obvious.
Continuous and simpler learning
Study materials make your learning continuous and simpler. Your doubts about the books can
be Clarified in the study materials as they have more examples and have a different
approach to teaching. For example, if you don’t understand Newton’s law of motion by
reading a book, maybe you will understand it by a different and more practical example.
Study materials allow you to assess yourself and know How much you need to work on
yourself. You keep a track of your progress by Practicing the papers Daily or regularly.
Flexible timing
One can turn up their materials anytime and anywhere they want. This way you don’t
have to be dependent on someone for learning. You can read practice and re-read again
and again.
Study materials are like catalysts of classroom learning. The teacher teaches you a lesson
and if you practice it from the study material after reaching home, it is quite certain that
you will never forget it. Another way, you will have enough questions to ask your teacher
the next day.

Study materials have revolutionized the education field. Almost every institution big and
small has been publishing them for years and continues to do so. The most benefited
among all are the students who have a variety of sources and approaches to learn and grow.

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