IGNOU MCA Solved Assignment 2021-22

IGNOU MCA Solved Assignment 2021-22

Learning has been more subtle and Comprehensive these Days. The process of course is
not confined to the classroom but beyond it. Apart from the lectures in the classroom, one
needs to practice the lessons and sums regularly. But that doesn’t seem easy as you can’t
afford a teacher every time everywhere. Moreover expecting every bit of the lesson from
the teacher in the very classroom is actually not practical.
Well, this is where Solved Assignment comes into play. Solved Assignments make your learning
easy, continuous, and Complete. They provide you with the syllabus, lessons, practice
papers, and tests you evaluate yourself.

What is a Solved Assignment?
IGNOU Solved Assignment is the teaching aids with a variety of Contents that are provided by the
school, college, coaching, or any other institution for the purpose of comprehensive study.
They comprise of texts books, recorded lectures, sample papers, research papers,
reference books, sample question papers, etc. They may Vary on the basis of institution,
course, or class. Study materials are mostly provided monthly or quarterly by the
These materials help to boost the learning by helping you to Practice and evaluate
yourself. They are also helpful to clear the concepts of the chapter through a different
method and approach.

Textbooks and Study materials
Though both seem similar and people confuse between the two, Study Materials are
actually very different than the textbooks. Textbook is something written, edited and
approved by the agencies and are same in every school or at least many schools, whereas
study materials are prepared by the schools or the institutions. They don’t need approval
from any agency but the school management.
Technically study materials are more simplified, broken and elaborated through activities,
questions, references and even video lectures. They can be many in numbers unlike
IGNOU Solved Assignment existed
There is no proper record of history as to how they came into existence. This teaching aid
started with innovation in the field of teaching and learning. Since books needed to be
simplified at different levels, the scholars tried Making them simpler for students. This
resulted into supplements which were easy to study and learn. Gradually schools and
institutions started preparing their own simpler version of books. They included some
solved and some unsolved question papers, few activities and example in the chapter.

Course Code Course Title Download
MCS-011 Solved Assignments Problem Solving and Programming Click Here
MCS-012 Solved Assignments Computer Organization and Assembly language Programming Click Here
MCS-013 Solved Assignments Discrete Mathematics Click Here
MCS-014 Solved Assignments Systems Analysis and Design Click Here
MCS-015  Solved Assignments Communication Skills Click Here
MCSL-016 Solved Assignments Internet Concepts and Web Design Click Here
MCSL-017 Solved Assignments C and Assembly Language Programming Lab Click Here
MCS-021 Solved Assignments Data and File Structures Click Here
MCS-022 Solved Assignments Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Click Here
MCS-023 Solved Assignments Introduction to Database Management Systems Click Here
MCS-024 Solved Assignments Object-Oriented Technologies and Java Programming Click Here
MCSL-025 Solved Assignments Lab (based on MCS-021, 022, 023 & 024) Click Here
MCS-031 Solved Assignments Design and Analysis of Algorithms Click Here
MCS-032 Solved Assignments Object Oriented Analysis and Design Click Here
MCS-033 Solved Assignments Advanced Discrete Mathematics Click Here
MCS-034 Solved Assignments Software Engineering Click Here
MCS-035 Solved Assignments Accountancy and Financial Management Click Here
MCS-036 Solved Assignments Lab (based on MCS-032, 034 and 035) Click Here
MCS-041 Solved Assignments Operating Systems Click Here
MCS-042 Solved Assignments Data Communication and Computer Networks Click Here
MCS-043 Solved Assignments Advanced Database Management Systems Click Here
MCS-044 Solved Assignments Mini Project Click Here
MCS-045 Solved Assignments Lab (UNIX & Oracle) Click Here
MCS-051 Solved Assignments Advanced Internet Technologies Click Here
MCS-052 Solved Assignments Principles of Management and Information Systems Click Here
MCS-053 Solved Assignments Computer Graphics and Multimedia Click Here
MCSL-054 Solved Assignments Lab (based on MCS-051 & 053) Click Here
MCSE-003 Solved Assignments Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management Click Here
MCSE-004 Solved Assignments Numerical and Statistical Computing Click Here
MCSE-011 Solved Assignments Parallel Computing Click Here
MCSP-060 Solved Assignments Project Click Here


First Semester
Subject Code Course Name Download
MCS 211 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Download
MCS-212 Discrete Mathematics Download
MCS-213 Software Engineering Download
MCS-214 Professional Skills and Ethics Download
MCS-215 Security and Cyber Laws Download
MCS-216 DAA and Web Design Lab Download
MCS-217 Software Engineering Lab Download

Second Semester

Subject Code Course Name Download
MCS 218  Data Communication and Computer Networks Download
MCS-219  Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Download
MCS-220 Software Engineering Download
MCS-221  Data Warehousing and Data mining Download
MCS-222  OOAD and Web Technologies Lab Download
MCS-223  Computer Networks and Data Mining Lab Download

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